Purpose - String Ministries is an Interdenominational  Christian organization founded to share the love of Christ through string  figures. Aimed at the "needy" of the world, especially working with the people in developing nations, refugees,     the oppressed, imprisoned  or disabled. Some examples  of these would include but not  be exclusive to: Leprosy patients in Mongolia, Reindeer herders of Mongolia, Palestinian refugees, Aids affected inner city children  of NY, Alaska  Children's Services group homes, children  of prisoners, Pokera Drug treatment center, Pokera, Nepal, Isolated Alaskan villages, East European  children, etc. String Ministries would also prepare  materials such as videos, books,  pamphlets or interactive CD's to equip those in mission with  materials at reduced or no cost.

Staff would also be available to teach and equip people  including teaching at Missionaries' Annual Conferences as in Nepal and Mongolia, speaking at churches and  organizations to promote the ministry and other activities as  needed. String Ministries may also provide strings to missionaries,  Volunteer-in-mission people, special  groups etc. at reduced or no cost.



May 2000

Dear friends and family,

I am very excited. The Woodworth Foundation, a part of the Oklahoma Council of the United Methodist Church has just funded a grant for $5000 a year for three years to start up an organization called "String Ministries". "String Ministries" will be a not-for-profit organization specifically for promoting the use of string figures.

This non-profit is an ecumenical organization designed  to promote Christian values and teachings. It will operate within the context of the secular as well as the religious community working with many varied groups and people.

It will allow me to go on more mission type trips to show and teach  these figures, games and tricks. String figures, not only as sacred art but as art in general. There will also be monies for providing a training video and booklet for youth leaders, VIM leaders and missionaries as well  as others. There will also be provisions to make strings available free or at reduced rates for some situations.

As a non-profit organization any donations are tax deductible and there will be a board of directors for oversight. With this added security, donations are being solicited and accepted. A $1500 donation has been accepted from the General Board of Global Ministries of Christian Church /Disciples and the United Church of Christ.

I am enthustactally looking forward to working with other special groups and training others to carry on this exciting and innovative experience. The more I work with unique people or groups the more I see that there is a definite place for this ministry. May it continue to fulfill God's needs.

One of Christ's  team, which you all are a part.

             David Titus

               May, 2000



Dec, 2004

The grant was great while it lasted, but has since run out and could not be renewed. If you have any suggestions for other grants please let me know at okteller@juno.com

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