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My Lord was not held on the cross with nails, but rather with cords of love.    He came as a man to face pain and betrayel. He came from his Father love.

I take that love with string in hand, not for mine but for His glory. Sometimes near home or in a far off land, to spread the Gospel story.

I come not with a soldiers price, with whip and chain or rope, But as a friend of Jesus Christ, I come with strings of hope.

A child, a leper, a peasant or clerk, all seek the God above. I share the message of grace not work, I share with strings of love.

David Titus, Oct, 2000


Interpreter Magazine
The mission of Interpreter - the official program magazine of the United Methodist Church - is to help local churches foster the ministry and growth of God's reign in their communities and around the world in order to win disciples for Jesus Christ.
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"In this issue (January 2001), INTERPRETER  presents 25 people -- the 15 "best" and 10 honorable mentions -- who embody United Methodist Witness and Mission. 

In making our selections, we looked for people:

-Whose ministries took them beyond the four walls of the church building or holding offices at local, regional or churchwide levels;

-Who use their talents and resources to further the cause of Christ;

-Who embody the Wesleyan spirit of scriptural and social holiness;

-Who are helping connect the Christian faith with human need in ways that are measurable; and

-Of whom pastors, church members and friends said, "We wish we had a hundred more like her/him."



String Ministries, Inc. Executive Director, David Titus, received honorable mention in January 2001 issue of the Interpreter

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David Titus, Lawton Heights Church, Lawton, Oklahoma, is know as "the string man". A traveling storyteller, he collects string and string toys, using them to teach, pray with and entertain people from Alaska to Mongolia.