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Personal Goals

Venezuela, Belize, Mexico, Canada, England, Germany, Finland, Egypt, Mongolia, 

South Africa, Ghana, West Africa, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, 

 Kathmandu, Pokera, Tansen, Butwal, Surkhet, Jumla, Nepal

 Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Thailand 

Anchorage, Barrow, Levelock, Ivanof Bay, Port Alsworth, AK / Carmel, NY /

Provideniya, Ureliki,  New Chaplino, Russian Far East 

Who did God reach through this trip?

Me most of all...I was able to see the true impact of what I am doing on children's lives. I was able to see a number of "missionaries" doing any number of tasks, jobs and occupations - all for God's Kingdom. I think that this trip validated me and my role in life right now.

Children...I saw many children laugh, try again, teach another, share , be proud of what they could do and want to learn more because I was there.

Adults... It's funny what a bag of Sweet-n-low, Jolly Rancher candies, Turkey Gravy Mix, Ranch Dressing Mis, strings, praise of helpful hints from a fellow teacher, encouragement as a parent, etc. can do.

Comments made after 1997 trip to Nepal.

From: Global Ministries Mission Personnel Office P.O. Box 1896 Indianapolis, IN 46206 (317)635-3100

String Ministry

Mission Statement

I am a Christian, serving in partnership with other Christians in Christian and non Christian organizations, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the people of the world by helping them to achieve their full God-given potential, and by encouraging the planting, growth, development, and unity of indigenous churches.

I believe that as a strong Christian, it is my responsibility to work together with others by helping to meet the needs of society in terms of the whole person - physical, spiritual and intellectual. I believe that I have gifts and talents that can further that end, however if  people are hungry, fearful or lack understanding I must look to those needs first.

I am not a "religious" person directly engaging in activities for the sake of duplicating a particular denomination. I am a strong Christian person who is personally committed to the teachings and commandments of Jesus Christ, the greatest of which is summed up in the words, "Love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself." Because of this commitment, I seek to serve all people as an act of obedience to my own faith and an expression of love that embodies the belief that it is truly more blessed to give than receive.  This is an Interdenominational ministry.

My gifts and talents involve storytelling, storytelling with string figures, and teaching others to make string figures. God seems to be using me to collect and teach these figures and to then take the testimonies, stories, and figures to share with others. Just as Jesus used many things to tell stories: - from coins, to seeds - so, I too use many stories to share the varied aspects of the Gospel Story.

A piece of string and a thread of a story are not much.... but as Jesus said, "And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is my disciple, I tell you the truth, he will certainly not lose his reward."

My rewards have been many:.... a troubled young native man in Alaska offering his friendship because I provided a vehicle through which he could introduce the Gospel Story to his family...a group of  Napali orphans, who stopped everything and came running because they remembered me from eighteen months before.....a smile from a leprosy patient because she could make a figure of a mosquito out of string...or sharing the joy of a Thanksgiving dinner with a missionary family so far from home and bringing a package of cranberry Jello and turkey gravy mix.

Freely adapted from the mission statement of JVS International, of Mongolia. JVS stands for Joint Christian Services



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