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"Children should be warned that string can choke if placed around the neck."

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 My Lord was not held on the cross with nails, but rather with cords of love.    He came as a man to face pain and betrayal. He came from his Fathers love.

I take that love with string in hand, not for mine but for His glory. Sometimes near home or in a far off land, to spread the Gospel story.

I come not with a soldiers price, with whip and chain or rope, But as a friend of Jesus Christ, I come with strings of hope.

A child, a leper, a peasant or clerk, all seek the God above. I share the message of grace not work, I share with strings of love.

David Titus, Oct, 2000


Many people ask me where I go to church. I am a Methodist and attend Lawton Heights United Methodist Church here in Lawton. It is a small neighborhood church with older original members who are trying to reach out to their changing neighborhood with new programs. Running about 70 people a Sunday service, we all do many jobs. I teach the Children's Sunday School class if I am in town and Brandon is not. I sing in the choir and do a few other things when needed. As their “resident missionary”, it is my job to keep them informed as to the role of the local church in missions. They do a great job of supporting me in that endeavor.

We are also involved in a couple of prison ministries, one of which I take part in each Sunday afternoon and evening that I am in town. We provide a meal and service for inmates at two prerelease centers near here. We pick up the prisoners and have great food and fellowship. Their families may also attend these services. I have a badge from the state, which gives me the “power” of a guard. They could not come without a certain number of “badge” people. It is a rewarding time for me.

“Spreading the Gospel Message Through String.”

I have been to three different refugee camps in, Lithuania, Palestine and twice to one in Ghana, West Africa. I have also seen many displaced people in Nepal, South Africa, Latvia, Germany and The Russian Far East to mention a few. As I work in the schools in America I also see many who have come here as refugees to start a new life. Many of these people have witnessed first hand how cruel mankind can be to each other. Many have seen atrocities committed to their family and neighbors or experienced it themselves. Many have spent their savings or walked for weeks to get to a safe place, leaving belongings and family behind. They are all trying to figure out how to make a new life somewhere else or playing the waiting game for when they will be able to go home.

If I am to love my neighbor as myself, these certainly are my neighbors. How can I help them? What can I do? Well, for one thing, we can be political beings, letting our representatives know how we feel when we hear about these needs. We can help the established organizations in their work. We can just let our hearts be pricked with their needs. We can also pray for these people, realizing that some of our ancestors were in the same situation. I go sharing the love of Christ with them through a piece of string. How can you share it?

String Ministries is a not-for-profit organization whose main purpose is to support the sharing of the love of Jesus Christ through the use of string figures.

Advisory Board:
Charles Boyle, Peggy Sager, Mayme Strange, Hazel Stall, Randy Warren, Rev. Kevin King

Leprosy hospital in Surkhet, Nepal. Dave is showing the benefits of string as a physical therapy tool. It is fun too.
Initial funding was provided by the generous support of the Woodworth Foundation of the Oklahoma Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Executive Director: David Titus

Executive Director Receives
Honorable Mention

Two boys at Mindies' Haven, an orphanage in a village near Kathmandu, Nepal. It is fun to teach someone.

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Goodwill Industries

 of Lawton Oklahoma is now a part of the 
String Ministries team.

All strings used by String Ministries, inc. are made through the help of Goodwill Industries of Lawton Oklahoma. The workers there are joining the multicolored nylon strings together with a hot-weld process, putting rubber bands around them and counting them to insure they are paid for their hard work. They are happy to have the work and excited to be a part of this endeavor. They can't wait to see pictures from Mongolia where 20,000 of their strings are going.

Purpose - String Ministries is an Interdenominational  Christian organization founded to share the love of Christ through string  figures. Aimed at the "needy" of the world, especially working with the people in developing nations, refugees,     the oppressed, imprisoned  or disabled. Some examples  of these would include but not  be exclusive to: Leprosy patients in Mongolia, Reindeer herders of Mongolia, Palestinian refugees, Aids affected inner city children  of NY, Alaska  Children's Services group homes, children  of prisoners, Pokera Drug treatment center, Pokera, Nepal, Isolated Alaskan villages, East European  children, etc. String Ministries would also prepare  materials such as videos, books,  pamphlets or interactive CD's to equip those in mission with  materials at reduced or no cost.

Staff would also be available to teach and equip people  including teaching at Missionaries' Annual Conferences in Nepal and Mongolia, speaking at churches and  organizations to promote the ministry and other activities as  needed. String Ministries may also provide strings to missionaries,  Volunteer-in-mission people, special  groups etc. at reduced or no cost.

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!! Please note that strings can choke!!
Adults should instruct children that they should not place strings around their neck.